Bill Kneale 

North Wales Artist

The North Wales coastline and our hills and mountains are constant inspirations to me. Throughout the UK there are places with special qualities that grab your attention. People and their relationship to places interest me. Shorelines can also bear witness to ourselves. These paintings are examples of my viewpoints past and present as a practising artist. People coming together or avoiding each other create group shapes and gap shapes. These shapes and lines relate to a person’s context. Promenaders, Bangor pier ladies and the Glasgow pieces show this happening.

Flotsam at the shoreline presents me with colours, forms and materials that are artistically exciting in contrast to the context, exemplified by the vermillion red milk crate. This contrast merges into visual harmony the longer the object has been affected by the sea, seen in sunglasses. There are social/environmental implications too with the flotsam and jetsam of our lives.

My view on landscape painting is that the atmosphere and spirit of the location should be sensed.

Latest 2019 exhibition - Points of View

Starts March 11th at the Rotunda Gallery, Llandudno
Rotunda Gallery, Llandudno Central Library, 48 Mostyn St, Llandudno LL30 2RP